Where we began . . . and where we are going!

901 Stuyvesant Avenue, Unit 303
Union, NJ  07083 | 908-209-1469

One Wilshire Datacenter - Los Angeles, CaliforniaRuggiero AV Services was created in 2002 as a home-based family business, where computers were repaired for family and friends, and family video was produced and edited.  We also performed more elaborate audio and video conversions, such as photos to videotape and legacy video to DVD.Technicians hard at work

In 2003 we established ourselves as a web hosting company, and have offered our hosting and e-mail services to clients since that time.  In 2005 we moved to our current facility, and in 2009, we expanded hosting to multiple geographically-diverse network operations centers HostNoc Data Center - Scranton, Pennsylvania in locations such as Pennsylvania, Missouri,  Florida, and California.  In 2012, we began offering European-based services, with a presence in the OVH.COM datacenter in Paris, France, as well as the OVH Datacenter (Paris 19), FranceEquinix Düsseldorf Data Center in Germany. In 2015 we established a presence in the OVH/Zayo Group Newark, NJ data center (keeping it as close to home as possible), as well as their shared QTIX Canada data center.  We've also established a relationship with the Quadranet Data Center in Los Angeles, and Query Foundry, which has points of presence in the United Kingdom and Australia.  Finally, to round out our European-based services, we have recently set up a relationship with Interneto vizija’ in Lithuania, providing multiple gigabit connections for clustered servers and backup.

We are a big proponent of "cloud-based" services, however one tends to define it. In late 2016, we became affiliated with Fibernetics, a telecommunications company in Canada that expanded into the cloud servers market. We also migrated at least one physical server to Yomura's Atlanta, GA datacenter using a blade server housing, and have micro servers which are managed by Cyber Wurx, LLC.  The consolidation of resources from large physical servers to blade and micro servers, as well as physical servers to virtual machines represent savings in energy, administration time, and cost, which we can pass on to our clients.  

Though growing steadily, we have remained a relatively small company since our inception, and think that this is still one of our biggest strengths.  
Our client base consists of many satisfied individuals and organizations, and because our operations are very streamlined, we are able to provide fast XO Data Center - Los Angeles, Californiaturnaround on all of our services. 

We thank all of you who look to us for their technology needs, and look forward to serving you for many years to come!

* GIVING CREDIT: We would like to acknowledge the following individuals and companies which currently comprise our hosting infrastructure:

Coresite, Cyber Wurx, Fibernetics, Global Telecom, Hurricane Electric, Incero, Interneto Vizija UAB
, Joshua Anderson, KCIEx, King Data, Liquidweb, Namecheap, Quadranet, Sprintlink, Uptime Robot Bilisim A.S., Vimeo, and Vultr.