Hosting Changes

Licensing Overhead & Hosting Changes 

As of late June, 2019, the web hosting industry has been rocked by a recent pricing structure change announced by CPanel, one of the world's largest web hosting control panels.  We ourselves had just began to roll out CPanel hosting, admittedly being late to the game of giving our customers their own control of a shared hosting space - VPS and Remote Desktop servers continued to be our top sellers, and CPanel was poised as an extra incentive to lure new potential customers to us.  Just recently we began using a SAAS provider for our e-mail, which also uses CPanel, and allowed customers to manage their own accounts.

We had already planned to roll out a consolidated list of services come January 2020, as our current service pages, pricing, and ordering can be quite confusing for some.  Up to now, we have done much of our business one-to-one, charged by manual invoice, and the changes originally planned were more for streamlining purposes beyond much else.

Now, all of that has changed.  We still plan to consolidate services and offerings in the coming year, but pricing may need to change prior to January 2020.  This includes hosted web content, as well as e-mail services. 

When pricing changes are not practical, yet existing server space allows, this may also mean customer accounts are shifted to other servers; adequate notice will be given of such changes for sites that are self-managed, while the bulk of our customers may not even notice the change.

Thank you for staying with us, and we promise to be as transparent and forthright as possible in the coming months.