Remote Access Services

What is it?

A popular hosting option for many of our clients is Windows or Linux with a graphical desktop environment.  The hardware and network are off-site, accessible from any modern PC with an internet connection or even a mobile device.  All of the heavy processing is done on the remote machine. You can also install any productivity software you wish on your remote desktop, because you are in complete control.

Do you have an older PC that won't run the latest Windows or Linux operating system? Businesses: want to run 'diskless' workstations? As long as you have a network connection and Internet access you can virtually upgrade those PCs gathering dust. Just log in and go! Away from home and want to work on some files? Visit a special website and get access to your OWN PRIVATE CLOUD. It is the same environment, no matter what. You can even disconnect from one location, and log in again later at another; your programs will continue to run, and your desktop as well as any open documents will be just as you left them.

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How to connect

Windows users can connect with the built-in remote desktop client.  Use the second part of the following tutorial:

Mac users can utilize the client installed with Microsoft Office or download it here:

An alternative client for Mac OS can be found here:

Ipad Users should install the iTap Mobile app here:

Android Phone users should use this application:

Connect through our "thin RDP" web gateway...
(requires an initial password provided in your cloud desktop setup e-mail)

For connecting to Linux/Gnome you can use the RealVNC client

TECHNICAL NOTE:  For connecting to Windows 2016 or later, you must use a client that supports Network Level Authentication.  The above clients support this functionality, and if no client is available for your platform, you can utilize the web gateway.


  • All VDS machines include your choice of  the latest Windows Server with Desktop Experience, or Linux OS, one IP address, and un-metered bandwidth, unlimited downloads and uploads, and full root / administrator access.  Daily backups are available as well for FREE.
  • Windows VDS includes Remote Desktop Access, Office 2013 or 2016, latest Internet Explorer browser, plus Mozilla Firefox as an alternate.  Also, full printing and clipboard support is provided, along with free support of remote apps for smartphones.  Don't worry about license costs!  We cover it all.
  • Linux VDS includes SSH console access or Gnome Desktop with Firefox web browser and OpenOffice. ‘VNC’ access to Gnome Desktop  available on request.  Custom app installation (ie: Quickbooks) on any VD available for $40.00 one-time fee.
  • All servers will be ready within 24 hours from order/payment date, usually a lot sooner.
  • Customers can make a SINGLE PAYMENT for an initial period of service, and will be invoiced by RUGGIERO AV SERVICES for subsequent periods, where they can subscribe for future automatic payments.  All terms and conditions remain in effect throughout a customer's billing periods.  

Terms & Conditions: Updated August 2016

  • Ruggiero AV Services provides semi-managed services through our support system, but it is recommended that you contact us before ordering if you have any questions.  Uptime is guaranteed to be 99.5% or better during the life of the service.
  • The cloud desktop infrastructure is supported in multiple off-site data centers, in a shared environment.  A customer's single point of contact regarding any support will be our e-mail address, and/or help desk system.  The name 'RuggieroAV' will appear on customer's billing statements.
  • The cloud desktop instance is a portion of processor, memory, and disk resources from a larger server pool.  Some resources are shared, to maintain operating system integrity, and are not available exclusively to one user.
  • The service is subject to fair use practices, and as a cloud desktop user, you will not use the service to abuse any person or persons, nor perform activity which has a negative impact on another computer system, systems, network, or networks.
  • The service may not be used for illegal purposes, including but not limited to harm to minors, fraud, forgery, impersonation, unsolicited commercial e-mail (SPAM), mail or advertising bombing, copyright or trademark infringement, fraud, virus distribution and/or misuse of software or other resources.
  • You will provide valid and accurate electronic mail contact information, as well as billing information via the Paypal payment gateway.  Failure to keep your information accurate and up to date will result in service termination.
  • You will be provided with an initial 'administrator' login and password, with the ability to change said password, and it is recommended you do so when you begin using your new desktop service.
  • You will not attempt to circumvent any security measures put in place at any level, nor disrupt the services of another user or users, such as through 'denial of service' attacks 'flooding' or excessive 'ping' requests.
  • If you experience any problems with the cloud desktops service at any level, you may ask for support at