Why Us?

Why choose us over the "big guys?"

These days, you can get a new desktop computer or laptop* from the big chain stores or order one online for a relatively inexpensive price.  It is true that at first glance, our products and services may seem pricey compared to those big names.  But, take a look at what you truly get for your money, as well as what you get AFTER the sale, and you will see that our value is unmatched. The systems we offer distinguish themselves in very specific areas:

  • A machine built by hand - not another machine:  Assembly of your new desktop system is performed by hand here in the USA by one of our skilled technicians, either in our Union, NJ facility or in another location sanctioned by us.  We use off-the-shelf, upgradable parts; no proprietary items.  Every part is checked for reliability and the final system is burned-in and bench-marked before shipping to you.  We can even arrange for an on-site installation at your home or office.
  • Exact specifications - not a cookie-cutter system:  We will personally work with you to find out what kind of computer you are looking for, and you will get that exact system, no less, sometimes more!  Research has shown that the systems we build have a much longer useful life than a computer system from the big names and/or sold in the retail stores.  For example, a system built for one client in 2004 (that had been running XP, then Windows 7) had been running for 9 years with very few issues, and was JUST upgraded completely for a new custom system in August 2012.
  • Software - not bloatware:  Your computer system comes ready to run with productivity software that is fully licensed; no trial or "starter" versions of software that you must pay extra for in 60 or 90 days (although to keep total price down, we may include Microsoft's Office Stater for free or offer the Office 365 variant consistent with current industry trends).  We will even assist you in installing or configuring any new software you buy or want to install from a previous system, assuming it is removed from the old one.**
  • We pride ourselves on unmatched support!   Every computer system we build and sell comes with a one-year hardware replacement warranty, with a LIFETIME technical support guarantee.  Any questions or software related problems can be fielded over the phone or via remote access, and if we must make a "house call" after that first year, our fees are very reasonable.  Likewise if you need training on your new computer, its operating system, or applications.

So, before you consider a computer from "Michael" what's-his-name, the bovine-loving PC guys, or the company whose logo looks like "DY" turned upside down, we urge you to look to us.  You will not be disappointed.

* At this time, Ruggiero AV Services does not offer custom-built laptop/notebook computers, so the big name companies do have an advantage there.  The same goes for tablet computers.  But, when shopping for a laptop or other portable computer, please see us first.  We can point you in a good direction in terms of brands, models, and features - and tell you not only what works best, but what to avoid.  We can also provide refurbished like-new notebook computers from major OEMs.

** We have always believed in a "minimalist" PC experience, even before Microsoft released their SIGNATURE initiative in 2011.  Your personal computer is always tuned and optimized for the best performance, and only the software you want is included, whether it be Microsoft's own offerings or something different.  What's more, our lifetime technical support entitles you to spot-checks and tuneups, either in person or via Virtual Visit!