Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11: What it Means for Ruggiero AV Services Customers

During a recent reveal event live stream (see Microsoft introduced the upcoming update to its Windows lineup.  More than just a collection of fixes and new features, Windows 11 features a cleaner look and feel, offers tighter integration with remote meeting apps like Teams, works nearly identically on desktop, laptop, and tablet PCs, and is set to be released by the holiday season of 2021 for eligible Windows 10 users, and sooner to OEMs for inclusion on new PCs (rumor is October 2021).  While there are ways to get Windows 11 now, these versions do not represent the final release of the operating system, and its this final release that we believe will cause some confusion among our users, tech savvy or not.

The main issue that concerns Windows 11 involves running it on older PCs.  Microsoft's current system requirements cite a CPU based on Intel's 8th generation architecture, and AMD's Zen 2 architecture (although 7th gen and Zen 1 processors are respectively being tested as well).  The one other requirement that Microsoft has not hedged on, however, is the TPM 2.0 revision level that most current PCs lack.  TPM, short for Trusted Platform Module, is a CPU-independent processing chip that stores information vital for cryptography and protection in modern PCs.  Most computers released within the last 5-10 years have some form of TPM, but are limited to revision 1.2; whether Microsoft will relax this requirement in the final release remains to be seen, but we know it will not be eliminated altogether.

This means, for all intents and purposes, that a computer you have now, either built, recommended, or refurbished by Ruggiero AV Services will NOT be able to run Windows 11 as is.  Windows 10 will continue to be supported and updated on those PCs until 2025.  We will update this information as we learn more. 

Meanwhile, see the links below for direct information from Microsoft as well as a link to send us your own direct feedback.  If you would like your question or personal experience featured in this article, let us know and we will amend it.

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