"Any Time, Any Place, Any Device"
A change in our remote support platform

As of March 1, 2024, we no longer use Teamviewer**, but instead utilize the services of the AnyDesk platform to provide remote support to our clients. 

This replaces the long-running relationship we had with Teamviewer whose pricing model is no longer a fit for a small business such as ours.  Teamviewer and their related applications are still great products, but they are now geared to larger corporate infrastructure, and multi-tenant IT support scenarios, far beyond the simple one-on-one interaction we currently enjoy with our clients.



Anydesk clients are available for a wide-variety of devices and platforms including Android devices and Iphones, which means we can support your mobile device and even your tv streaming issues easier and faster than ever before.  To learn more and download a client so you are prepared to contact us for support, visit https://anydesk.com


**Need help uninstalling TeamViewer from Windows?  See this page: