Who, What, and Why

Ruggiero AV Services was created in 2002 as a home-based business, where computers were repaired for family and friends, and family video was produced and edited.  We also performed more elaborate audio and video conversions, such as photos to videotape and legacy video to DVD.

Between 2003 and 2009, we established ourselves as a web hosting company, and have offered our hosting and e-mail services to clients since that time.

We are a big proponent of "cloud-based" services, however one tends to define it.  From 2009 to late 2016, we looked for ways to diversify our services by offering DIY virtual servers and turnkey hosting.  The consolidation of resources from large physical servers to blade and micro servers, as well as physical servers to virtual machines represent savings in energy, administration time, and cost, which we can pass on to our clients.  

Though we had prospered and grown, the late-2020 arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic eventually affected our customer base and our bottom line.  However, we continue to offer our original service of AV conversion, and remote computer support, and still host a number of websites which we either maintain for the customers or give them full access.  We thank all of you who have patronized us since our inception, and especially thank the people who have stayed loyal customers up to now.


Customer Testimonials

From hardware support to online assistance with ANY technology issue, we are constantly garnering rave reviews and comments.  From early in our company's history, it was evident that we "quickly make the correct diagnosis for many computer problems" and provide answers which are "very detailed, with user-friendly, step-by-step instructions."  Since we also frequent many of the technical support message boards and social network groups, we keep up to date with any trends.  We are also very quick to respond to or solve any inquiry, usually within 8 hours, emergency issues within 30 minutes or less!   You can be assured that our technical assistance "has no equal among both the professional and volunteer PC technical support venues."  These are just a small sampling of satisfied customers.  More will be added!

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"THANK YOU!  Thanks to you, [my son] had a flawless day virtually.  He had a ball! - S.O. (via direct message)

"Thank you for working so very diligently to upgrade my computer and make it compatible with the adaptive software I use to compensate for my blindness.  I appreciate the patience and precision with which you worked to resolve compatibility complications and made my computer system run effectively and smoothly.    I am quite pleased with the user-friendly settings you recommended [...]  and, deeply grateful that you remain available to respond to any concerns related to the novel functions of my operating system.  Working with you has been a joyful technological adventure!   -C.F. (sent by e-mail)

"Many times I see posts where friends and some family members are looking for great services on their computers at a reasonable price. Don't hesitate call Joe. There is no one better, trust me." - E.F. (posted on Facebook)

"I had the pleasure of working with [Joe] first-hand when I encountered a problem on my computer. The knowledge and expertise that I experienced were second to none. My computer was a mess . . . I so appreciate all you did to get my system up and running like new. Thank You so Much" -M.L. (posted on Facebook)

"I have known Joseph for sometime now and there is no one more honest, more humble, more trustworthy...  He doesn't see a customer as just another paycheck, but an opportunity to give a great service to. Owners like Joseph are rare people to come by and it's a true blessing knowing him; he has great products and great services for whatever your needs are. Good businesses are often overlooked - we always hear about the bad ones and do not often take the time and appreciate the good ones. Try out Ruggiero AV you will not be disappointed. This is a good business [...] by a good-hearted owner."  - M. A. (posted on Facebook)

"I really want to get a giant shout out to [Joe] who not only made high school bearable by always being up for a good book conversation in the library on my lunch, but also for numerous times saving me from my laptop disasters. so many I can't list but including tonight when I went to login, and [...] my password for the last 8 years was incorrect.. well somehow over the phone this amazing guy fixed it.. I rebooted and tried a dozen times before I bothered him for help. if anyone has any computer disaster needs this is your go to man.. get quick outstanding results.." -T.S. (posted on Facebook) 

"It only takes a few minutes after speaking to Joe [...] to know that he is the right person to go to with all your computer needs.  Joe is definitely the person to blindly hand over all your computer needs to.  You will get 100% and 24/7 support whenever needed.  He is currently working on developing my website and I am using him for all of my computer operational programs.  He works with all budgets and goes over and beyond to make sure that you are up and running and ready to do business.  The best part of his service is that you can call him up for anything and he will be gladly to assist you or point you in the right direction. His service is definitely a full package deal with out the expensive cost."  -F.D. (via Google+)

"You are the BEST computer repair & teacher EVER!!! I thought I needed you today, but remember what your previously showed me, by remote view & phone. [...] Thank you so much... will be calling for a lesson soon." - M.R. (posted on Facebook)

"My computer was too slow, and I needed a professional to clean up the hard drive, and increase its speed. [Joe Ruggiero] took care of the problem, and made sure that everything was in order. I strongly recommend Joe to anyone with computer problems. He's patient and very friendly. He took the time to teach me to do updates, etc." - M.C. (via e-mail correspondence).

"WOW is all I can say - you educated me big time!!! Lots of stuff I never knew!!! [...] even with my limited knowledge of Win8.  Your instructions were awesome - everything is working well now." - E.C. (posted on Facebook).

"I found services to be excellent, friendly, and trustworthy! You can't go wrong [...] thanks Joe; computer issues solved!" S.B. (via e-mail correspondence)

"You told me in 5 minutes what 3 different Verizon techs (one in person in the store) couldn't in hours. I know you saved me hours again today. Thank you Joe, you're a computer genius!!!!!!!!"  - M.R. (posted on Facebook).

"Joe, I can't thank you enough for [transferring] those 45's to cd's for my dad. When I dropped them off to him he was sooo happy! Thanks again and you did a great job" - C.P. (posted on Facebook)

“Thank you again, Joey R. Your help was courteous, timely, and professional. Congratulations on your big step to cyber-saint-hood.!!!!!!!! " Corinne (via online help desk)

“THANKS JOE! You're fix REALLY worked, the big bad blue screen is gone, thanks to you and my PC doesn't crash anymore when I load web pages with sounds." Jim (via online help desk)
“Thank you, Joe for solving my multimedia problems. You're the best" hpl (via e-mail correspondence)